Where are you on the attendance traffic lights?

Report your child’s absence

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Timekeeping is also important in the education of your child. If your child is persistently late then they are missing out on important learning opportunities.

Session times

Holiday forms

If you are taking your child out of their nursery session, even for 1 day, please complete a leave of absence form.

Request for leave of absence in term time child


Why is regular attendance so important?

At nursery school we work closely with children and parents to support attendance. This will support for the transition to school when it is the parent’s responsibility to ensure that their children are attending regularly.

If your child has 90% attendance this means your child misses

  • One session every 2 weeks
  • Nearly 2 weeks nursery education every school year

Poor attendance can have a negative impact on

  • their learning
  • their friendships
  • their self-esteem