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Activities to try at home

Hungry little minds

Even some of the smallest changes can make a big difference to your child.

Children love it when you chat, play and read with them, even if they do not understand everything. Whatever the time and wherever you are, you can turn almost anything into a game.

And every little thing you do together will help set them up for the day they start school.

There are lots of ideas on the following website

January 2020 2 year old funded places

Are you eligible for a 2 year old funded nursery school place? Find out using the link below

If you are come in and talk to our team. Bring your child’s birth certificate and red book.
We still have places available this year. 

We have recently had our Ofsted report and continue to be an Outstanding Nursery School. The nursery school is the only one in Coventry and we offer a unique provision led by qualified teachers.

Once you have secured your 2 year old place you automatically move through to our 3 year old Preschool class. This gives the children a clear transition and continuity to their early years education.
The Nursery class your child attends does not affect admission to school, it cannot be used within the criteria.

We work closely with Sidney Stringer Primary School and other schools to support transition into primary school.

30 hour offer

We have a number of spaces in our Orchard class available for those families entitled to the 30 hour offer.

The 30 hour offer is made up of 2 parts.
15 hours education
15 hours childcare

The education hours will be 08.45 – 11.45. 

We are able to be more flexible with the 15 hours childcare element.
We offer
11.45 – 14.45 please provide a healthy packed lunch
 11.45 – 15.30 This incurs a £15 a week for the extra hours, please provide a healthy                                      packed lunch

How children have used the provision this year…

Child 1
Monday – Friday 08.45 – 11.45 & 12.30 – 15.30
+ £15 per week for Lunch club 11.45 – 12.30

Child 2
Monday – Thursday    08.45 – 15.30
Friday                               08.45 – 11.45

Child 3
Monday – Friday 08.45 – 14.45

e safety updates

It is important that we stay as up to date as possible with esafety and what children of all ages are able to access online. Just because it is marketed for young children doesn’t always mean it is safe. Make sure you have full control over what apps your child is able to go on.
1. Blaze and the Monster Machines App – recording of app available on link below
This Free App is a game that ‘phones’ children once they reach a certain level. The phone call they receive is automated but extremely disturbing and could be very distressing to children and young people. See news article here – it contains a recording that a parent has made of the phone call her daughter receives and highlights how disturbing this is. 
2. Yubo
This App was formerly called ‘Yellow’, so parents and schools may not realise that it has changed. It has a live streaming feature, which poses a significant risk to young people as they can live stream to strangers and can watch live streams from strangers. Increasing numbers of sex offenders are using live streaming as a way of abusing young people. 
3. Live-streaming apps
See BBC article here, in which an adult woman poses as a 14 year old to investigate the dangers of live streaming apps. Various apps are mentioned in the article to be aware of. 
4. #Ditto magazine is a free online publication, which discusses the latest E-Safety updates. See magazine link here.